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Многодетная американская семья

Из солнечной Калифорнии поступают уж совсем суровые новости http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5287143/Dogs-House-Horrors-children-starved.html

"Two healthy dogs were recovered from the California House of Horrors this week as the couple accused of torturing their 13 children for years inside pleaded not guilty to 75 charges.
David, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, denied the charges not long after they were announced by the Riverside County District Attorney on Thursday afternoon. They are set to appear in court again on February 23.
Hours earlier, harrowing new details of how they tortured their 13 children were described at a press conference by DA Michael Hestrin.
He told how they kept the children up all night and slept during the day in a suspected attempt to avoid any outsiders witnessing the abuse.
They were regularly beaten and occasionally strangled, Hestrin alleged.
The only activity the children - who said they were chained up for months at a time - were allowed was to write journals.
Hundreds were recovered from the home and they are likely to be used as evidence against the parents.
Before Sunday's dramatic rescue, the children had been plotting an escape for two years, he said.
When the 17-year-old escaped on Sunday, she at first had another sibling with her but that daughter got frightened and turned back.
None of the children have ever seen a dentist and none have seen a doctor for four years, Hestrin said.
District Attorney Michael Hestrin said all of the children are in hospital and are 'relieved'.
Among the most shocking claims of abuse were;

  • The children were made to stay awake all night and sleep all day, often going to bed at between 4am and 5am

  • Their only permitted activity was to keep journals - hundreds of which were recovered and will likely be used as evidence

  • David Turpin is accused of a lewd act against one child - one of his daughters, under the age of 14

  • The children had been planning to escape for two years before Sunday, when they were rescued

  • The 17-year-old daughter who raised the alarm left the house with another sibling but that child became frightened and turned back

  • The parents began using chains and padlocks to tie the children to their beds after one escaped with rope. They would sometimes be chained up for months

  • One of the older boys was allowed out of the home to attend college classes but Louise accompanied him there, waited for him until it finished then accompanied him home

  • The couple's youngest child, a two-year-old, was the only one they did not starve

  • The 29-year-old woman who was rescued weighed just 82 lbs

  • The children were tied up or beaten if they washed their hands 'above the wrist' because the parents said it amounted to them 'playing in the water'

  • The Turpins kept toys that were still in their boxes at the house but never gave any to the children

    Some of the children did not know what a police officer was when they were rescued and many are mentally impaired as a result of what prosecutors called 'severe, prolonged and pervasive abuse'.
    While the children starved, the parents bought food including pumpkin and apple pie and kept it out on worktops for them to look at and desire, Hestrin said.
    According to Hestrin, the abuse began in 2010 and has intensified ever since. 


    On Thursday, January 18, Louise and David Turpin were both formally charged with;

    12 counts torture

    12 counts of false imprisonment

    7 counts of abuse of a dependant adult

    6 counts of child abuse or neglect

    David Turpin faces one charge of a lewd act on a child under 14 by force of fear which prosecutors say was a crime against one of his daughters.
    If convicted, they face a minimum of 94 years imprisonment each.
    Bail was set at $13million, $1million for each child they are accused of abusing.
    One of the children, a boy, was allowed out of the home to attend college classes but Louise accompanied him.
    When they lived in Texas, the children at one stage lived alone and were held hostage in a property which their parents allegedly visited only to occasionally drop off food.
    The only child who was safe from their torture was their two-year-old, according to prosecutors.
    She showed no signs of malnutrition. Hestrin said that the abuse began in 2010.
    At the time, the parents would tie the children up as punishment with rope, he said.
    One child recalled being 'hogtied'.
    When they managed to escape, they moved on to using chains and padlocked.
    Prosecutors did not elaborate on the physical condition of each child other than to say that they were severely malnourished and some have suffered mental impairment.
    When police took them into protective custody, the 29-year-old woman who was found inside weighed just 82lbs.
    A 12-year-old inside the home is the average weight of a seven-year-old.
    It was also claimed that the couple had three children tied up when police first knocked on the door.
    As they waited to be allowed in, Louise and David untied two of the children from furniture.
    When they entered the home, the only child who remained shackled was a 22-year-old, according to the responding deputies.
    David Turpin's father, James, the grandfather to the children, said from his home in Princeton, West Virginia, that he did not believe the reports about the abuse.
    He said: 'I'm going to talk with the children, find out the real story on this as soon as I can get a call through to them."

    Там статья длинная, я только её начало сюда поставил...
    Короткий перевод...
    Там речь идёт о многодетной семье из Калифорнии с 13 детьми...
    Папу зовут Дэвид, ему 57 лет, а маму Луиз, ей 47 лет...
    Все дети их родные...
    Как я понимаю, старшей дочери там было 29 лет, а самой младшей два года...
    Если верить прокурору, то всех своих детей, кроме двухлетней дочки, Дэвид и Луиз держали месяцами на цепи, прикованными к кроватям, и морили голодом...
    Душ принимать разрешали раз в году...
    Пиздили как собак постоянно...
    Это началось в 2010г. и шло по нарастающей...
    Дети из дома не выходили вообще за исключением одного из сыновей, он посещал колледж, но его сопровождала туда Луиз, ждала окончание занятий и сразу же отвозила домой...
    Остальным детям не давали спать до пяти утра, чтобы они спали днём и их никто из соседей не мог заметить...
    Руки мыть им разрешалось не выше запястий, если помыли выше, их пиздили, чтобы не игрались с водой...
    И том много ещё всего сурового было...
    Вот фото Дэвида и Луиз...
    Тут они в зале суда беседуют с адвокатами...
    Louise and David Turpin appear in court in Riverside, California, on Thursday where they pleaded not guilty to 38 counts of child abuse. Louise is shown above speaking with her lawyer, Riverside defense attorney Jeff Moore.  David was represented by a public defender

    А вот фото всей семьи...

    David and Louise Turpin made their 13 children stay up all night and the family slept all day to avoid raising suspicion that they were being abused, it was claimed on Thursday. The parents pleaded not guilty to all 75 counts against them on Thursday afternoon

    Снова зал суда с адвокатами...

    The couple glance at one another in court on Thursday as their lawyers listened to a judge. Both were remanded in custody

    А вот дом, в котором всё и происходило...

Police found the siblings inside their family home (above) after the 17-year-old girl managed to escape through a window and call 911 with a cell phone she had found in the house. On Thursday, balloon displays, flowers and teddy bears were left at the house for the children 

Вновь всё семья, фото 2016г...

'Things 1 to 13': The family are seen in Dr Seuss-style shirts, and all in blue jeans, in a family photo taken in April 2016

Дэвид и Луиз отрицают все обвинения...
Отец Дэвида, Джеймс, тоже не верит в эти обвинения...
Я лично не знаю, что и думать...
Обвинения тяжелейшие, Дэвиду и Луизе грозит пожизненное заключение...
С другой стороны, есть фото всей семьи, на которых дети не выглядят столь уж замученными...
Вот ещё что странно, дети все сейчас развезены по двум госпиталям, они физически истощены и многие имеют психические проблемы...
Но если Дэвид и Луиз так не любили детей, то зачем они их рожали в таком количестве???
Журналисты называют сейчас их дом Домом Ужасов...
Белая многодетная американская семья...
Если обвинения подтвердятся в суде, то это будет что то запредельное...
Вот как объяснить???
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