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Любить стали меньше

Мы тут часто обсуждали, что у русачков сейчас с дамами ситуация напряжённая...
Но, оказывается, что это мировой тренд http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3720081/Why-Millennials-not-hook-generation-Young-people-sex-parents-did.html

Why millennials are not the 'hook up generation' after all: Young people 'are having less sex than their parents did'

Young adults of the ‘Tinder generation’ are having less sex than any generation since the 1920s, a study suggests.
Experts have assumed that people born in the 1990s - known as ‘Millennials’ - were more promiscuous than those who came before, due to the availability and popularity of dating apps such as Tinder and Gridr.

But scientists at Florida Atlantic University have found that people aged 20 to 24 today are more likely to abstain from sex than any generation for 90 years.
Some 15 per cent percent of this age group in the US have had no sexual partners since turning 18, the researchers found.
Of those born in the 1960s, only 6 per cent had not had sex when they were at the same age.
The only other generation that showed a similar rate of sexual inactivity were those born in the 1920s - those who turned 20 in the years of World War Two or soon after - for whom the figure was roughly the same as that of today’s 20-somethhings.
‘The new sexual revolution has apparently left behind a larger segment of the generation than first thought,’ said the researchers, writing in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour.
The research echoes trends seen in Britain, where teenage pregnancy rates among teenagers have plunged to a record low.

According to the Office for National Statistics there were fewer than 23,000 pregnancies among girls under 18 in England and Wales in 2014, a conception level not seen since figures began to be recorded in 1969.
The collapse in pregnancy rates follows compelling evidence that teenagers are becoming less and less likely to smoke, drink or take drugs in an age in which millions spend much of their spare time engaged with solitary social media rather than mixing with their friends.
Some researchers have pointed to a ‘Facebook effect’ which has led teenagers who would once have spent their spare time on the streets instead to devote it to playing with gadgets in their bedrooms.
Widespread public disapproval of smoking, drunkenness, drug abuse and teen mothers is also likely to have influenced teen behaviour."

Оказывается в Америке и в Англии и вообще повсюду на Западе 15% молодёжи в возрастной категории от 20 до 24 лет вообще ни с кем не имеют секса...
И это только официальные данные опросов, кто то мог и постесняться сказать правду...
Для сравнения среди тех кто родился в 1960х годах таких было в том возрасте только 6%...
И стало рекордно мало подростковых беременностей...
Объясняют это всё в том числе и тем, что стало немодно пить и курить...
Ну и вместо реальных тусовок пошло общение в соц сетях...
А я бы ещё от себя добавил, что молодые дамы повсюду офигели и начали ждать только олигархов...
А если говорить о русиянской специфики, то надо учитывать, что все русские молодые дамы не только олигархождалки, что они ещё и Наташи...
Поэтому у молодых русачков процент парней,  живущих без секса, должен быть ещё выше, причём раза в два точно...
Но это всё научные исследования, а как ситуацию видят сами мои читатели???
Tags: демография, их нравы

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