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Красавица Наташа-РСПешка самовыпилилась

Из солнечного Берлина сообщают https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9244797/Kasia-Lenhardt-dead-Model-ex-Jerome-Boateng-Berlin-apartment.html

"The model girlfriend of Jerome Boateng killed herself on her son's sixth birthday just a week after her relationship with the German footballer imploded, it has been revealed.

Kasia Lenhardt, 25, was found dead at a luxury apartment thought to belong to Boateng in Berlin's upmarket Charlottenborg neighbourhood on Tuesday night by police, and the death is not being treated as suspicious.

A friend of Kasia's told MailOnline that Tuesday was son Noah's sixth birthday and that she was home alone when she died. Noah is Kasia's only child, born when she was aged 19 and in a previous relationship with a man whose name has not been made public.

Boateng has three children, all from previous relationships, including nine-year-old twin daughters Soley and Lamia with ex-fiancee Sherin Senler and a five-year-old son, Jermar, by an unknown woman.

Kasia's friend told MailOnline: 'Yesterday was her son Noah's birthday. Kasia was at home on her own. A member of her family called the police because they could not get hold of her and they were worried.

'She died a week after Jerome gave an interview in which he said their relationship was over. He said some really nasty things about Kasia. She was very upset by it.'

Her death was confirmed Wednesday by model friend Sara Kulka who paid tribute in a cryptic Instagram post that said: 'I hope the truth comes out. I know how much you wished it would.'

Polish-born Kasia - real name Katarzyna - had been dating 32-year-old Boateng for 15 months before their relationship fell apart on February 2, sparking a vicious fight that saw the couple exchange blows via social media and the press.

Boateng had accused Kasia of sabotaging his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rebecca and his family before they started dating, and of blackmailing him into staying with her.

Meanwhile Kasia - who had the footballer's name tattooed on her ribcage - branded her ex 'the devil' and vowed to 'speak up' and 'fight back' once she had recovered from the break-up.

Just hours before she was found dead, Kasia had posted to Instagram talking about a 'new chapter' in her life.

The model's heart-broken parents also told of their sadness at their daughter’s sudden death Wednesday.

In a statement they said: ‘It is with great dismay and sadness that we must confirm the unexpected death of our daughter Kasia on February 9th, 2021."

Boateng, who now plays for Bayern Munich, was the first to announce the split after Kasia wrote off his Mini in a crash in Berlin on January 5, with German media reporting that she was over the alcohol limit.

The sportsman said he was going to 'take responsibility and act in the interests of [my] family' while apologising 'to everyone I've hurt especially with my ex-girlfriend and our children'.

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Boateng then accused Kasia of blackmailing him with fake accusations of domestic abuse, while saying she has a 'massive' problem with alcohol.

He admitted cheating on ex Rebecca Silvera with Kasia, but said she was also controlling and abusive.

He said: 'Kasia became my girlfriend by breaking the relationship with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and my family and blackmailing me.

'So I decided to stick with Kasia and try to make it work. Even making the relationship with her public was due to pressure from Kasia to do so. It wasn't mine.

'During our relationship, Kasia often threatened to destroy me. She threatened to ruin my career and even try to make me lose my children.

'Kasia said she would do so by accusing me of beating her. She knew that my children's mother accused me of the same thing and that we have a lawsuit over it.

'Kasia contacted my children's mother and said she would help her in court. Everything just to destroy me.'

He even went so far as to claim that the model used fake social media profiles to attack him and 'spread lies'.

'I hope she gets help that she urgently needs,' he added.

But Kasia hit back, saying she had in fact ended the relationship because of Boateng's 'lies and constant infidelity'.

In a final parting shot, Kasia branded Boateng 'the devil' and said: 'I will definitely speak up, but I have to collect myself. Please give me time.

'I will fight back! Because I've never been so deceived, used and lied to. Give me a moment.'

The footballer was then involved in a relationship with Jamaican fashion model Rebecca Silvera, though it is unclear when exactly they started dating.

The pair dated until October 2019, when Boateng was first pictured with Kasia during a visit to New York.

Kasia confirmed their relationship was genuine in follow-up Instagram posts in December and on Valentine's Day the following year, describing Boateng as 'my love'.

But the romance headed into trouble in December last year as Rebecca took to Instagram to accuse Kasia of stealing Boateng from her by copying and manipulating her.

Boateng then split off from Kasia earlier this month, apologising to Rebecca and his family and saying it is 'time to take responsibility'.

Kasia subsequently accused Boateng of 'continuous infidelity', though she did not reveal who the alleged trysts had been with. "

Проблема Наташ, т.е. белых дам, которые любят только смуглых мачо, она ведь не только Русского Мира касается...
Есть такой чёткий смуглый красавчиг Джером Боатенг...
Ему 32 года, он играет за Мюнхенскую Баварию, рост его 190 см и всё у него в жизни алмазно...
Кстати родился красавчиг Джером не в Африке, а в Западном Берлине в далёком 1988г...
То есть дерзких белых моделей Наташ он любит с ранней юности...
Вот Джером на работе...

Boateng playing in Qatar on Monday

Понятно, что любят его такие дамы, о которых русачки или даже белые немцы не могут и мечтать, если только они не олигархи...
Осенью 2019г. Джером затеял с известной моделью РСПешкой из Польши Катаржиной...
Она известна в модельном бизнесе как Касия Ленхард...
Сейчас красавице Катаржине 25 лет и у нею есть 6-летний сын Ной, которого она родила в 19 лет...
Вот на фото Джером с Катаржиной вместе...

Kasia Lenhardt, 25 (right), was found dead in Berlin on Tuesday night on her son Noah's sixth birthday and just a week after breaking up with footballer ex Jerome Boateng (left)

А вот Катаржина одна скучает по Джерому...


Хотели бы вы с такой затеять, русачки???


Но нет у русачков никаких шансов против Джерома...
Катаржина не для русачков...


Но в начале января что то в отношениях Джерома и Катаржины пошло не так...
5 января дерзкая Катаржина набухалась и разбила под списание на улицах Берлина Мини Купер Джерома...
Джером в Инстаграме пояснил, что Катаржина алкоголичка, что она шантажом вынудила его жить с ней, что он вообще всегда любил только свою предыдущую даму- модель с солнечной Ямайки, от которой у него есть две дочки-близняшки...
А Катаржина нуждается в помощи врачей с её алкоголизмом и вообще она его заебала...
В ответ дерзкая Катаржина написала в своём Инстаграм, что Джером козёл и что это она его бросила, потому что он ей часто изменял...
Развязка этой истории получилась драматичной...
9 февраля сыну Катаржины исполнилось шесть лет, а вечером 25-летней красавице модели стало совсем грустно из за бросившего её Джерома...
Она не смогла этого пережить и в эту же ночь самовыпилилась в своей квартире в престижном районе Берлина...
Как видим эта красавица полька предпочла самовыпилиться, но не затевать с белыми немцами или тем более с поляками или русачками...
Или с красавчигом Джеромом, или вообще зачем жить...
Лишние русачки в Русском Мире, а белые мужчины вообще везде лишние...
С ними даже красивые белые дамы затевать не хотят...
Куда катится этот мир???

Tags: их нравы, наташи

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