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Нашёл Наташу в Лондоне

Конечно Наташи это явление не только Русского Мира...
Из Англии сообщают https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9187587/Most-popular-man-Tinder-finds-love-ditching-dating-app.html

"The most sought-after man on Tinder has found love in lockdown after ditching the popular dating app to start a romance with his model friend.

Stefan Pierre-Tomlin, from London, was crowned the most popular man on Tinder after more than 14,600 people swiped right for him in just two years.

But despite hoards of potential suitors showing their interest in him, the male model, 30, struggled to find his true love on any subsequent dates from the app and started to give up hope of finding love - until he found a real-life match in his modelling pal Egle Damulyte, 26.

Stefan met the Lithuanian model, who is known as Damu, two years ago during a photoshoot, although the pair decided to keep their relationship purely professional.

But Stefan finally decided to reach out to her last year because he 'really fancied her' and asked her on a date after the first lockdown in June.

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the smitten pair have managed to form a budding romance and have already moved in together in Greenwich, southeast London.

During the first lockdown last March, Stefan thought he might be 'lonely' so hopped back on Tinder but yet again had no luck with finding his soulmate.

He admitted that he felt like he was a 'love charity for lonely people in lockdown' and finally gave up on the dating app because he didn't feel like he was going to meet anyone.

Stefan, who is also a trained pilot, explained: 'Back in March, I just thought I was going to be lonely throughout the lockdown.

'I did hop on Tinder for a while. I was just chatting to people and getting to know everyone.

We're looking forward to a better 2021 and I've started new business ventures such as an online butchers called WhatsURBeef and I've signed global modelling contracts. I'm very excited.

'And if things continue like this with Damu, we're going to be a power couple for sure."

В статье идёт речь о 30-летнем смуглом красавчиге Стефане Пьере-Томлине...
Стефан в течении двух лет был самым популярным мужчиной в мире на сайте Тиндер...
14 600 дам за два года мечтали с ним там затеять...
Но в итоге Стефан нашёл себе 26-летнюю дерзкую модель из солнечной Литвы Егле Дамулайте...
Красавица Егле тоже жила в Лондоне, теперь они там живут вместе...
Вот они дерзко показывают язык русачкам, которым светит затеять только со зрелой РСПешкой...

The most popular man on Tinder Stefan Pierre-Tomlin, from London, has found love after ditching the popular dating app to form a romance with his model friend (both pictured)

But despite hoards of potential suitors showing their interest, the male model, 30, had no luck finding his true love - until he started dating his pal Egle Damulyte, 26 (both pictured)

Егле полюбила Стефана за чёткость, которой нет у белых мужчин...

But Stefan reached out to Damu after the first lockdown as he 'really fancied her', and finally asked her on a date in June - with the pair becoming inseparable ever since (both pictured)

Stefan and Damu are both models

Stefan admitted that he much prefers finding true love the old-fashioned way, rather than searching for your best match on modern dating apps

Stefan gushed that the 'chemistry' between them both was 'perfect', admitting that he had already been 'eyeing her up for a few years' and feels extremely luckyStefan has insisted that the smitten couple are 'going strong' amid the latest lockdown (pictured on an ice skating date)

Вот смотрите, что объективно получается...
На этом Тиндере сидят молодые дамы со всего мира, но больше всего там белых дам из Европы и Северной Америки...
А самой большой популярностью у них пользуется чёткий и чёрный Стефан, хоть там и полно белых парней на любой вкус...
В свою очередь 26-летняя красавица Егле давно свалила из Литвы в Лондон и могла бы там затеять с любым белым олигархом...
Но нет, она полюбила именно смуглого Стефана...
Потому что лишние белые мужчины на этом празднике жизни...
А русачки лишние вдвойне, они ведь русским дамам менее интересны, чем кто либо ещё...
Кругом полная безнадёга для белых и особенно для русачков...

Так пройтись мечта любой русской дамы...
The pair met two years ago on a shoot

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