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Нетоварищеская Встреча с Английской Наташей

Проблема Наташ, то есть белых дам, которые любят смуглых мачо, она существует не только в Русском Мире...
Это явление повсюду...
Из солнечной Англии сообщают https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8603829/Trusted-friend-jailed-life-raping-murdering-barmaid-Keeley-Bunker.html

"A judge today slammed a 'truly evil' killer for crafting a web of lies after he raped and murdered his childhood friend as he walked her home from a rap concert, before dumping her half-naked body in a stream.

Wesley Streete was jailed for life after being convicted of barmaid Keeley Bunker's murder in Tamworth, Staffordshire on September 19, last year, not long after the victim had texted her friend Monique Riggon to say: 'Wes will walk me home, it'll be fine'.

Streete, who towered over his slightly-built childhood friend, attacked and killed her before dumping her body face-down in a stream in Wiggington Park, then repeatedly returned to the scene to cover her with vegetation.

The 20-year-old was today given a mandatory life sentence by Mr Justice Jeremy Baker at Stafford Crown Court, for the killing and what the judge called a 'carefully crafted' scheme of lies following his crime, tailored to fit the evidence. 

Streete repeatedly lied about what had happened to his 20-year-old victim after they returned to their hometown of Tamworth following a night out at Snobs nightclub in Birmingham to celebrate her recent birthday. 

Keeley's mother, Debbie Watkins, who was in court for this morning's sentencing, told the Sun: 'He deserves to be locked up for good. He's never said sorry for robbing me of my beautiful daughter.

'He's evil and I can never forgive him. I can't stop crying.' 

Jailing Streete for a minimum of 30 years, Mr Justice Baker said: 'She told Monique she would be safe at home, as you had offered to walk with her back to her house.

He added the choke-hold would have been 'minutes, rather than seconds'. Streete, who once had a football scholarship to play for Lichfield and Tamworth, initially said he had left Ms Bunker to walk home alone, before later claiming that he 'accidentally killed her' during consensual sex in the park.

He changed his account at least four times before his trial.

The judge said that while Streete 'repeatedly lied' about what had happened, it was Ms Bunker's uncle, Jason Brown, who made the 'dreadful' discovery of her partially-submerged body during a massive search effort involving family, friends and police.

Streete, previously of St Austell Close, Tamworth, was also found guilty of two other counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault against three other victims, said to have happened in previous years.

He was handed jail terms of between six months and five years for those offences, to be served alongside his life sentence. 

The judge said: 'Keeley had just turned 20 years of age. She lived all her life in Tamworth.

'The three of you met up in Snobs nightclub where you spent three hours drinking and socialising together until about 2.30am.

'By that time the girls had consumed around three of four drinks where you had consumed significantly more alcohol.

'When you got back to Tamworth the three of you went back to Monique's house and discussed where you were going to spend the night.

'Although Monique offered for Keeley to stay over, she declined saying she was tired and wanted to sleep in her own bed because she had a job for an interview as a teaching assistant the next day and she didn't want to miss it.

'She told Monique she would be safe walking home and you offered to walk with her back to her house.

'Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.

'As you walked back to her house I am satisfied you persuaded Keeley to divert to the rugby club on the pretext of going for a smoke.

'What took place in the park as the jury have found, is that you proceeded to rape Keeley Bunker during the course of which you murdered her by throttling her.

'By all probability by placing her in a choke hold for a sufficient period of time to kill her.

A period which can be measured in minutes not in seconds.

'When you had finished with her you decided to hide Keeley's lifeless body by hiding it in a brook on the edge of Wigginton Park and covered it up in branches.

'Then you went back home to bed and slept."

Коротко переведём...
Вот эта дама на фото 20-летняя дерзкая красавица-бармен Кили Банкер...

Keeley Bunker, had 'trusted' her childhood friend to walk her home safe, in Tamworth, Staffordshire

Молодых белых красивых дам сейчас повсюду не хватает, самые успешные белые парни из самых обезпеченных семей о таких как Кили могут только мечтать...
С кем же проводила время в ночном клубе красавица Кили???
Естественно вот с этим чётким 20-летним красавчигом Весли Стритом...

A jury this week took just over eight hours to convict the former warehouse packer, pictured, before he was jailed for life today

Кили дружила с Весли с начальной школы, поэтому не любила белых парней, она хотела затевать со своим смуглым мачо...
Ещё в школе чёткий Весли получал стипендию как талантливый футболист...
Но что то после ночного клуба по дороге домой через парк у них пошло не так...
Велзи не только позанимался с Кили любовью, но и отпиздил её там как собаку...
Тело Кили потом нашёл её дядя в ручье, заваленную ветками...
Оказалось, что в предыдущие годы чёткий 20-летний красавчиг Весли затевал там с очень многими молодыми дамами, трое из них даже обвинили его в изнасилованиях...
Как видим, Кили красивая и стройнай белая дама, сейчас такой типаж очень тяжело найти...
Могла выбирать из самых лучших белых парней себе бойфренда, однако затевала с негром-отморозком...
Совсем как в Русском Мире, молодых красивых дам днём с огнём не найдёшь, но постоянно читаем про приключения молодых Наташ с чурками-таксистами...
Видимо нигде белые мужчины не следят за своими дамами, не только русачки, а вообще все...
Вот и затевают белые дамы только со смуглыми мачо, а на белых мужчин смотрят с презрением...
Наступили Смуглые Времена...

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