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Нетоварищеская Встреча в Китае

Чумовая Нетоварищеская Встреча состоялась в солнечном Китае https://www.zambianobserver.com/chinesenationkill-a-zambian-for-dating-a-chinese-woman/

"A Zambian student in china has been killed by chinese Nationals for a dating a Chinese woman.

Chrispine Mwale 25 a student studying Civil engineering in that country was beaten to death on Monday mid_Morning after he was found in a woman’s apartment.
It is said that Mr. Mwale spent a night at her girlfriends place after clubing on a Sunday night.
Four Chinese nationals approached the Apartment and dragged Mr. Mwale out of the Apartment and started beating him with iron bars and stones until his final breath.
According to an eye witness and a close friend to Mr. Mwale has informed Zambian Watch that despite him pleading, Chinese men insulted him.
“We went out drinking on a Sunday night as a group. After our drinks we got on a taxi heading to our apartment. On the way Mr. Mwale’s girlfriend said she wanted to spend a night with him. That’s how they left and I was only called by the girlfriend in the morning to come and save my friend” he stated.
“I rushed to the scene and only found four Chinese men beating and insulting him that their is no black man allowed to date their people. They insulted him that Africa was too poor and they would not allow black beings to be raised in their country. Despite pleading, they hit him with iron bars and stones until his final breath ” a friend said."

A вот видео этой встречи...

Коротко переведём...
Дерзкий 25-летний Криспин из Замбии учился в Китае на инженера-строителя...
Ещё он любил ходить в Китае по ночным клубам, где затевал с местными Наташами...
Но китайцы не русачки, поэтому Криспин доигрался там быстро...
Четверо чётких боевитых китайцев вытащли под утро дерзкого Криспина из квартиры китайской Наташи и отпиздили его там как собаку...
В Китае молодых дам не хватает самим китайцам, этим Китай похож на Русский Мир, но китайцы следят за своими дамами и пиздят их смуглых мачо...
Криспин прямо от квартиры Наташи поехал в морг...
Не позволяют китайцы разводить у себя Русский Мир...
Tags: Китай, их нравы, наташи, нетоварищеские встречи

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