oldfisher_mk (oldfisher_mk) wrote,

Строгие нравы Балтимора

В Америке ещё круче, чем в Русском Мире, русачки...
Там тоже идут те же процессы...
Из солнечного Балтимора сообщают http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6145131/US-teen-charged-adult-murder-octogenarian.html

"A 14-year-old suspected of having raped and killed a woman in her eighties in the US city of Baltimore has been charged as an adult with murder.
Tyrone Harvin, who turned 14 last month, is accused of attacking 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal at her home and leaving her for dead.
Neal was found inside her apartment unresponsive and the victim of an apparent assault. She died in hospital on August 30.
Smith said that authorities speculated the suspect may be young during their investigation, 'but I don't think any of us were thinking a 14-year-old could be capable of something like this.'
Tyrone Harvin is charged with premeditated murder, aggravated rape, sexual assault and violence.
Smith said Neal died of blunt-force trauma. He alleged Harvin 'beat her to death.'
An autopsy determined that Neal had also been sexually assaulted.
Smith said that police used physical evidence to link Harvin to the crime.
Police do not know of a motive. Smith said investigators believe Harvin might have been doing a chore for Neal when she was attacked. Police said there were no signs of forced entry into her basement apartment according to the Baltimore Sun.
A woman who answered the door at Harvin's apartment identified herself only as his mother said her son has been wrongly accused.
'I'm hurting because I know my son wouldn't do nothing like this. I know my son,' she said to The Sun. 'My son didn't do it.'
Home to some 600,000 people, the port city of Baltimore has the highest murder rate per capita in the country."

Переведём основное...
Дерзкому Тайрону Харвину только месяц назад исполнилось 14 лет...
Он пришёл в квартиру 83-летней Дороти Ниил, отпиздил её, потом изнасиловал и ушёл....
Дороти умерла от побоев...
Вот фото красавчига Тайрона и Дороти...

Tyrone Harvin, 14Dorothy Neal, 83

Дерзкий и чёткий Тайрон...

Тайрон был моложе Дороти на 70 лет!!!
И тем не менее затеял с ней!!!
В 14 лет затеял с 83-летней дамой!!!
Я про такое даже в Русском Мире пока не слышал...
При этом смуглый красавчиг Тайрон если бы попал в Русский Мир, то купался бы в юных длинноногих красавицах Наташах, а в Америке он вынужден насиловать древнюю бабку!!!
А вообще про его родной солнечный Балтимор пишут, что при населении 600 тыс. человек, там самое высокое число убийств на тысячу жителей в стране...
Так что, русачки, не ходите гулять в Балтимор...
Tags: вырожденцы, извращенцы, их нравы, товарищеские встречи

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